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16) How is it possible that if the Valencian language and the Catalan one are two independent languages the texts that are written in their respective official standards turn out so seemed ?
 Because the standard of Valencian language that nowadays the "Valencian Academy of the Language" (A.V.L.) imposes in the official writings or in the educational system is an artificial Valencian language with many characteristics of the Catalan language that are not proper of the Valencian language.
 The official standardization or linguistic regulation that the A.V.L. is applying nowadays to the Valencian language does not correspond to the proper and genuine regulation of the Valencian language. The A.V.L. uses a copy of the linguistic regulation of the Catalan language (elaborated
by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (I.E.C.) of Catalonia) that introduces into the Valencian language many strange linguistic characteristics from the Catalan one, and for against, forbid some proper features of Valencian language that clearly differentiate the Valencian language of the Catalan one.

17) Why does the "Valencian Academy of the Language" (A.V.L.) apply to the Valencian language a catalan linguistic regulation instead of a proper and genuine valencian regulation ?
 It obeys only to purely political and economic motives but it has not any validity under correct linguistic reasons.This irregular and harmful situation to the Valencian language is consequence of the lack of honesty of all politicians that have belonged to the autonomic valencian governments until our days. They have not wanted to defend really to the Valencian language of the Political blackmail that the catalan governments and the catalan politicians systematically have done to the different central governments of the Spanish State. This irregular situation propitiated the creation, in 1998, of the Valencian Academy of the Language (A.V.L.) as principal political collaborator of the catalanist ones inside of the valencian lands.
 The A.V.L. is an academy created with a wide majority of catalanist academicians. They have demonstrated along the existence of the A.V.L. that their aims are not any more than to transform the Valencian Language into Catalan language to introduce the false idea that the Valencian language and the Catalan one are the same idiom.

18) Why do the Catalanist ones want that the Valencian language is a simple dialect of the Catalan language ?
 Because they want denying the existence independent of the Valencian language and to make believe that the Valencian idiom is not any more than Catalan language but with another name.

19) Which profit can the catalanist ones obtain of saying that the Valencian language is the same than the Catalan language but with another name ?
 The political ideology of the catalan nationalism, of which the political forces of Catalonia widely are taking part, is based on the slogan: "A (Catalan) language, A (catalan) nation". Or saying of another form: all the people that speaks "Catalan" language, belongs to the "catalan nation" and to the "catalan countries".
 The catalanist imperialism wants to include the valencian people inside of the "catalan nation" and the catalanist ones spread the lie that the valencian people speak Catalan language but with the name of "Valencian". The catalanist nationalism, basing itself on this false premise, interprets that if the valencian people belong to the "catalan nation", the lands of the Kingdom of Valencia would belong to the political invention known as "Països catalans" ("catalan countries") (A recent political invention without any type of historical, social or cultural base that lately the catalanist ones are also giving the name of "Eurorregión").

20) What are the "Països catalans" ("catalan countries") ?
 "Països catalans" is a political invention, not much older than a century, elaborated by politicians and ideologists of Catalonia who dreamed with a "Great Catalonia" independent of Spain and formed by the catalan counties (Catalonia), the French Roussillon, a band of Aragon bordering on Catalonia, the islands Balearics and the historical Kingdom of Valencia.
 This non-historical imperialist project named "Països catalans" tries to be raised on the base of a false slogan that impregnates the catalan nationalism: "A (Catalan) language, A (catalan) nation".Therefore, the catalanist ones, using the lie and the manipulation, try to make believe that the valencian people speak Catalan language to introduce them inside the "catalan nation" and inside these (fictitious and non-existent) "Països catalans" ("catalan countries").
 As by historical, political, linguistic and cultural aspects it is more that demonstrable that the valencian people and the Kingdom of Valencia always have been independent from the catalan counties (nowadays "Catalonia"), the catalanist ones have intruded into the educational valencian system to spread their ideas from there. In such a way that teachers and professors teach to the valencian children the foreign Catalan language under the name of "well spoken" Valencian language, while these same teachers discredit to the genuine Valencian language naming it "incorrectly spoken" Valencian language.
 Besides, also the catalanist teachers teach a history full of subliminal slogans in favour of the phantasmagoric "Països catalans" and false "catalan-Aragonese" empires. This indoctrination effected to the valencian children tries to favor the catalan culture and the ideal ones of a "great Catalonia" while they conceal real valencian culture to the valencian children.

21) Are the terms "catalan-aragonese crown" and "catalan-aragonese king" correct ?
 Not. By historical and political rules and by royal protocol the correct terms are "Crown of Aragon" and "Aragonese king".
 The terms "catalan-aragonese crown" and "catalan-aragonese king" are two propagandist "etiquettes"
recently invented by the catalan nationalists with the pretension of giving to Barcelona's County
(and to Catalonia) a range of Kingdom which nor historical, nor politically, have never had and therefore does not correspond to them.
 The correct term is "Crown of Aragon" by historic, politic, legislative and protocol rights. The above-mentioned crown was linked exclusively to the Kingdom of Aragon and of this kingdom the crown was taking exclusively its name. In no case a simple county, in this case the County of Barcelona, had rights or range to be owner or co-owner of a crown. Only the kingdoms had legal authority for the above mentioned qualifications.
 Royal qualifications alluding to Catalonia do not exist, because, in the Middle ages, the name of "Cathalunya" only was doing allusion to several independent counties governed by different counts and this name never alluded to a unified kingdom.
 The only historically used terms we can find are: "Crown of Aragon", "Kingdom of Aragon", "Kingdom of Valencia", "County of Barcelona", "king of Aragon", "[king] of the country house d'Arago", "[king] of the House d'Arago","King of Valencia" and "Count of Barcelona".



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The better thing that we can do is always to speak to our sons and to all people in the genuine Valencian language that we learned of our parents and relatives. This is the only way to keep alive the genuine Valencian language. (Read more )